How to knit summer top

Depending on the yarn, this knitting pattern would be perfect for a cool summer evening or a warm spring day.


2 (2, 3) 50 g balls Tailored Strands

100 per cent Australian Alpaca

12-ply yarn Mango Boucle №321


2 (2, 3) 50 g balls Tailored Strands

100 per cent Australian Alpaca

8-ply yarn Bright Lemon №210


Ribbon to tie-up front opening if desired.

20 mm knitting needles

Woll sewing needle

Size cm: small 75-80, medium 85-90, large 95-100


Gatting started

Basic pattern

Using both balls of wool together.

Row 1. Knit 1, yarn over needles, knit two stitches together.

Row 2. Purl.


Working pattern


*Using 20 knitting needles cast on 20 (30, 36) stitches. Using the two rows that form the pattern, work 32 rows (approximately 56 cm) or desired lenght.*


Shoulder shaping

Cast off 5 (5, 7) stitches at the beginning of the next 4 rows, keeping pattern correct.

Next row: Cast of remaining stitches.



As for back, working from * to * work 16 rows (approximately 30 cm)


Divide for Neck

Keeping pattern correct, knit 13 (15, 18) stitches. Turn.

Purl next row.

Work pattern along these stitches for 16 rows (or desired lenght) to match total length of back.


Shoulder shaping

Cast off 6 (7, 8) stitches at the beginning of next row, purl one row, cast off remaining stitches.


Making up

Sew side seams together to match the neck opening. Sew shoulder seams together. Thread ribbon up front opening to form a tie-up if desired.

knit summer top

Design by Tailored Strands

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