Free Crochet Pattern Snakes Heart

How to crochet a ssssssweet snakes heart. 

You will need:

Hook 3.5
Acrylic yarn
Pipe cleaner

Inc – increase, sc – single crochet, dec – decrease

Length of the one snake – 16 cm / 6.3 in

1. Crochet magic ring, 6 sc (6)
2. [inc]*6 times (12)
3-6. [sc] around (12)
7. [dec]*6 times (6)
8-27. [sc]around (6)
28. [sc, dec]*2 times (4)
29-32. [sc] around (4)

Insert the pipe cleaner into the body and sew the hole. Glue eyes, sew the tongue. Join snakes together, create the heart and sew the tails.

Even snakes can love ♥♥♥

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  1. maeve says:

    this is so cute!!!!! altho snakes are fiscally incapable of love they CAN associate you with happy thoughts like food and being held.

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