DIY wine bottle decor

This decorated wine bottle is made by covering it in decoupage, using white paper napkins. 


Wine bottle

White paper napkins

Paint brush

Acrylic paints

School glue

Gloss varnish


Burlap ribbon

Black marker

DIY decor wine bottle (3)

Begin the decorated wine bottle by cleaning out a wine bottle and removing the label as best you can.

DIY wine bottle decor (2)

DIY wine bottle decor (3)

Take your paper napkins and rip it into a bunch of small pieces. Then, brush on some decoupage medium onto the wine bottle. Add a piece of napkin to the bottle, and press it down to adhere to the bottle using the paintbrush, trying to get rid of any air bubbles.

DIY wine bottle decor (4)

Draw the outline of the houses.

DIY wine bottle decor (5)

Glue napkins and create pieces of a houses.

DIY wine bottle decor (6)

Paint a bottle using acrylic paint.

DIY wine bottle decor (7)DIY wine bottle decor (8)DIY decor wine bottle (4)DIY decor wine bottle (1)DIY decor wine bottle (2)

Made by Irina Filippovskaya

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