Crochet Tutorial Black Cat Applique

Meet a new scary crochet idea for this Halloween.

Learn how to crochet a black cat applique with this video tutorial for the Halloween themed project. This cute crochet Black Cat motif would be perfect as a Halloween decoration for your table decor, home, clothing, scrapbooking and more! Use different yarn weight and hook size to obtain different sizes for this crochet black cat applique.

You will need:
Hook size 3.0
Cotton black yarn (100g/415 yards)
Safety plastic eyes
The size of finished applique is 1.5*1.5 inches
Dec – decrease, sc – single crochet, dc – double stitch, ch – chain, sl st – sleep stitch

Free Crochet Pattern Black Cat Motif

black cat applique photo

R1. Ch20, 1 sl st in the second chain from hook, 10 sl st, dec, 4 sc, dec, ch1, turn (in total 11 sl st and 6 sc)
R2. 6 sc, ch1, turn (in total 6 sc)
R3. 6 sc, ch1, turn (in total 6 sc)
R4. dec, 2 sc, dec, ch1, turn (in total 4 sc)
R5. dec, dec, ch1, turn (in total 2 sc)
R6. 3 sc in the each stitch, ch1, turn (in total 6 sc)
R7. 6 sc, ch1, turn (in total 6 sc)
R8. 6 sc, ch3, turn (in total 6 sc)
R9. 3 ch (first ear), 4 sl st, ch3 (second ear), sl st (in total 2 ears and 5 sl st)

Made by Iris F.

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