Zipper rose tutorial

One of the most popular looks around now in jewelry is florals made from zippers, particularly with the metal teeth. 

But there are almost as many flowers made with the plastic, color-coordinated teeth, particularly when used as hair adornments (or pins, or shoe decorations) for young girls.

zipper rose tutorial (1)


Zipper at least 20 inches long

Hot glue gun




1 bead

Small piece of felt

If you have a separating zipper, that’s great. If not, you will need to separate the zipper into two parts. For this you will want to use either a pair of craft scissors or a rotary cutter.  Cut off the bottom metal (or plastic) tab by slicing off the bottom tab with your craft scissors or rotary cutter. Sew a basting stitch along the side opposite of the zipper, as close to the edge as you can without going off.

zipper rose tutorial (2)

Pull the thread tight to make it in a spiral shape. Make sure not to pull it too tight or it won’t work.

zipper rose tutorial (3)

Gently pull the spiral rings apart.

zipper rose tutorial (4)

Sew or glue one edge of the spiral.

zipper rose tutorial (5)

Glue both ends of the spiral.

zipper rose tutorial (7)zipper rose tutorial (8)

Cut a small circle of felt and glue it on the back side of the flower.

zipper rose tutorial (10)

Cut 6 inches long from the second part of the zipper.

zipper rose tutorial (11)

Using the previous method, pull into a spiral and glue in the middle of the flower.

zipper rose tutorial (12)zipper rose tutorial (13)zipper rose tutorial (14)zipper rose tutorial (15)

Glue a bead to the center of the flower.

zipper rose tutorial (1)

We hope you enjoy this and you create your own zipper flowers!

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