Satin ribbon rose tutorial

How to make ribbon roses.


Satin ribbon



Take the end of the ribbon and fold it at a right angle.
ribbon roses tutorial (2)
 Roll that same end several turns to form the center of the rose.
ribbon roses tutorial (3)
Roll the folded part (the stem) up towards the fold.
ribbon roses tutorial (4)
Fold the tail of the ribbon backwards again at a right angle.ribbon roses tutorial (5)
Continue rolling the stem over the fold you made.
ribbon roses tutorial (6)
Keep going with this process, fold backwards and then roll the stem over it. As you keep going it will form petals.
ribbon roses tutorial (7)
Continue until you think the rose is big enough and then sew the ends.ribbon roses tutorial (8)ribbon roses tutorial (1)
This lovely ribbon rose bouquet is is perfect for a memorable Valentine’s Day.


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