Salt dough House

How to make miniature house out of salt dough. 


salt dough ( 100 g. of salt, 100 g. of flour, 50 g. of water)


masking tape


acrylic paints

paint brush


acrylic varnish



Cut four squares 6*6 cm of cardboard and connect them with masking tape.

Salt dough House (2)

Make the roof of the triangular pieces 5.7*6.5 cm.

Salt dough House (3)Salt dough House (4)Salt dough House (5)

Spread the salt dough over the all surface.

Salt dough House (6)

Make the door and two windows.

Salt dough House (7)

Create an imitation stones, using a toothpick.

Salt dough House (8)Salt dough House (9)

Push small pieces of eggshell into the roof.

Salt dough House (10)

When the salt dough is dry, paint house and apply gloss varnish.

Salt dough House (11)Salt dough House (1)

Cut two small pieces of lace and glue them to the windows.

Salt dough House

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