Reverse decoupage bottle

Reverse decoupage is decoration technique when print and paints are applied underneath the glass.

But to paint inside the bottle is very difficult 🙂 so we will paint on the back side of the bottle.


Wine bottle

Napkins for decoupage


Acrylic paints

School glue

Gloss varnish


Masking tape

Reverse Decoupage (1)

Divide the napkin by removing all the white layers. It is only the patterned top layer of the napkin you want to use.

Reverse Decoupage (2)

Put a napkin under the bottle and tear off the edges.

Reverse Decoupage (3)

Glue the napkin to bottle upside down with decoupage glue or Mod Podge. I used school glue.

Reverse Decoupage (4)

Once dry paint the bottles with acrylic paint color of your choice.

Reverse Decoupage (5)Reverse Decoupage (6)Reverse Decoupage (7)

Break out the masking tape! Put a large working are on the front of the bottle.

Reverse Decoupage (8)

When the paint is dry, remove the masking tape.

Reverse Decoupage (9)

Glue motifs from napkin to the other side of the bottle.

Reverse Decoupage (10)Reverse Decoupage (11)

And when the paint is dry, apply gloss varnish.

Reverse Decoupage (12)

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