Polymer Clay Cherry Tree

Here is you learn how to make a cherry tree out of polymer clay. 


Polymer clay of green color

Small red beads

0.8mm bronze jewelry wire

1.5mm bronze jewelry wire


Styrofoam glue

Artificial moss

Flower pot

Roll the polymer clay and cut into many slices.

Cut the 0.8mm wire into pieces (6-7 cm) and wrap the green slice around wire.

Create the leaf and use a toothpick to “draw” the veins onto the each leaf.

Now bake according to the clay directions.

Make the berries out of red beads and wire.

Twist the 7-10 leafs and 2-3 berries together to make the branch (need about 100 branches).

You make bigger branches by twisting 5 or 6 small ones toghether.

Making the trunk, twist all together, but leave some untwisted at the end, we’ll be turn those into roots.

Attach the branches to the trunk.

Put the big piece of styrofoam inside the flower pot and plase the cherry tree.

Apply the styrofoam glue and glue the moss.

It looks great!

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