How to create a mini garden

It is incredibly good idea to create a mini garden “Four Seasons”.

You can create this mini garden by own hands and place it near the window or on the table.

Mark garden height on the vase outer side with the help of cosmetic pencil.

Cover inner surface of the vase up to the mark with thick layer of PVA glue.

Turning the vase from side to side, apportion flower drainage over the surface covered with glue.

Also instead of flower drainage you can use moss, sisal, sand etc. Leave it for two days to dry completely. After glue becomes dried you may begin filling the vase. For basis use styrofoam, it is lightweight and does not load the finished composition.

Glue the styrofoam with the help of glue gun.

Cut at the ends “ditch” for river, glue in the center small piece of the styrofoam which will serve as a basis for hill with a tree.

Mix drainage with a little PVA glue and put it on the styrofoam creating the basis for landform. While mass is wet put into it tiny artificial fence.

When mass becomes dried, make the central fragment of mini garden with the help of air dry clay. To make path mix sand with a little glue and beetle mixture around the central fragment.

When sand becomes dried, color path and stairs.

For river bottom imitation you need wet polymer clay. It is necessary to put it very attentively without cracks and breaks (otherwise, epoxide resin finds these cracks and flows inside through it).

Then along the river glue the flower moss or artificial grass. Snow on the winter section of the garden you may make with the help of small pieces of the styrofoam.

For water surface imitation, mix Ice Resin with a little blue printer paint or wet food color.

After the Ice Resin becomes dried completely, for ice imitation, put and apportion a little hot glue with the help of spoon.

From above spray artificial snow and cover with a layer of acrylic vanish.

Glue tree and also other fragments of the composition.

Clean outer side of the vase with the help of alcohol or glass clearer.

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