Fried eggs Earrings

How to make food jewelry from polymer clay.

Each of eggs measures about (23mm)


polymer clay of white and yellow colors


acrylic varnish



furniture for earrings (earring hooks and four jump rings)

acrylic paints


Before you start working with clay, please wash your hands – even if your hands look clean you’d be surprised how much dirt can be on them, and it will show up in your white clay.

Take two pieces of white clay and press them. Roll two balls of yellow clay.


Press the brush into the egg white to make some texture into it. You might have to go over it several times before it is ready. If the white rips a bit on the edges, that’s ok.


Put the yellow balls on the white clay and press them a little bit. Push the toothpick all the way through to make the holes.


Now bake according to the clay directions. When the clay is dry, paint the edges of the brown and light brown colors and apply gloss varnish.

IMG_2002 IMG_1999IMG_1995IMG_2009 IMG_2003IMG_2016

So easy and it only takes 10 minutes of your time.

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