Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people, who wove these magical webs from willow hoops and sinew. The hoop represents the travel of giizis, the sun, through the sky. 

At night, the hole in the center only lets bawedjige, good dreams, pass. Bawedjigewin, bad dreams, are trapped in the web, and dispelled at the first light of morning. Whether you believe that the dreamcatcher has these powers or not, when used properly, it can be a wonderful charm of positive energy and a way to honor the metaphysical traditions of Native Americans. It can also have a subconscious effect on your mind, which can lead to more restful nights.

Either way, they are a beautiful symbol worthy of respect.


DMC 100% cotton floss 9 colors

Fabric Aida 18 count

1 needle

Embroidery hoop diameter 7″

Black ribbon


Red wood beads


Finished diameter 4.5″

Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (7)

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Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (6)

Wrap a hoop with ribbon.

Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (3)

Cut embroidery, fold over the edge of the fabric and sew it.

Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (2)

Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (4)

Cut four lengths of ribbon that are twice the length that you want. Loop these around the bottom end of the outer hoop. String a beads and feathers and make sure to tie a knot at the end so the wont fall off.

Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (5)Free cross stitch pattern Dreamcatcher (1)

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  1. Jeannine Faucher says:

    Love the dream catcher with t he soaring eagle along with instructions
    Tried downloading…. very complex… Any way I can get it thru the mail? or on my email?

  2. Paula Ashton says:

    A beautiful design and a tribute to the Native American people. I look forward to stitching this design and making up the dreamcatcher.

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