Free Crochet Pattern Bird

Such an adorable bird pattern, and it is super easy to make!

Use crochet hook and leftover scraps of colourful yarn to make one for yourself or your little ones.


Hook 2.5 for body and 2.0 for wings and beak
2 small beads for eyes
Cotton or acrylic yarn of any color. You can make this pattern in any size you wish by simply using a different yarn weight.

The size of finished toy is 1.5*1.9 inches

Inc – increase, dec – decrease, sc – single crochet, dc – double crochet, ch – chain, sl st – slip stitch

Start each round with 1 chain
Finish each round with 1 slip stitch

Body (hook 2.5)

R1. 6 sc in the magic ring (in total 6 sc)
R2. [inc]*6 times (in total 12 sc)
R3. [sc, inc]*6 times (in total 18 sc)
R4. [2 sc, inc]*6 times (in total 24 sc)
R5. [sc] around (in total 24 sc)

R6. Crochet 4 ch, sc in the 2nd stitch from hook, 13 sc, inc, 14 sc (in total 30 sc)

R7. [sc] around (in total 30 sc)

R8. [dec*2 times, 22 sc, dec* 2 times] (in total 26 sc)

R9. [dec*2 times, 18 sc, dec* 2 times] (in total 22 sc)

R10. [dec*2 times, 14 sc, dec* 2 times] (in total 18 sc)

R11-12. [sc] around (18 sc in each round)

R13. [sc, dec]*6 times (in total 12 sc)
R14. [dec]*6 times (in total 6 sc)

Beak (hook 2.0)

R1. 6 sc in the magic ring (in total 6 sc)
R2. [dec]*3 times into the back loop (in total 3 sc)

Wings (hook 2.0)

R1. 6 sc in the magic ring (in total 6 sc)
R2. [2 sc in the same stitch]*3 times, [2 dc in the same stitch]*1 time (in total 8 stitches)

Sew wings and beak to the body. Glue or sew eyes to the head.

how to crochet bird

Free crochet pattern amigurumi bird by Iris F.

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