Felt monkey

Make a cute felt monkey.


Felt (brown, beige, white)

Brown threads



Synthetic stuffing

Felt monkey  (11)

Cut out pieces of a monkey from felt: body (brown felt, 2 pieces, 2*2.8), belly (beige felt, 1 piece, 1.6″*2″), head (brown felt, 2 pieces, 1.6″*2″), muzzle (beige felt, 2 pieces, 1.2″*2″), feet (beige felt, 8 pieces, 0.8″*1″), eyes (white felt, 1 piece, 0.4″*1″), ears (beige felt, 4 pieces, 0.8″*1″)

Felt monkey  (2)

Sew them using a blanket stitch

Felt monkey  (3)Felt monkey  (4)Felt monkey  (5)Felt monkey  (6)

Fill the head and body with synthetic stuffing

Felt monkey  (7)Felt monkey  (8)Felt monkey  (10)

Draw the eyes

Felt monkey  (1)

The cute monkey is ready!

Felt monkey  (9)


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