Felt cat ornament

Hang them up your holiday tree. These decorations can serve as a nice holiday gift idea: for instance, they can become a little cute present that your children could enjoy to pick directly from the tree during the Christmas night. 


Pink, blue, white, black, yellow and red felt

Pen for tracing

Embroidery floss

Embroidery needle


Filler for pillow

Hot glue


Cut pattern (2 pieces) out and trace her on to the felt.

Felt cat ornament (5)Felt cat ornament (9)

Cut pieces out of felt.

Felt cat ornament (8)

Stitch pieces, use any kind of stitch you like.

Felt cat ornament (10)

Glue the eyes, nose and sew muzzle.

Felt cat ornament (4)Felt cat ornament (7)Felt cat ornament (2)Felt cat ornament (3)

Sew the ribbon and decorate your cats.

Felt cat ornament (6)Felt cat ornament (11)

Felt cat ornament (1)

Made by WomanZP


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