Easter egg carton chicks

Here’s a fun and simple Easter craft that you can do with the little ones. 


Egg carton

Yellow and orange felt

Hot glue gun


Googly eyes

Yellow paint

easter-egg-carton-chicks (2)

Cut two egg carton cups. Poke another hole in the top of the chick and a piece of felt to create a neat little tuft.

easter-egg-carton-chicks (3)easter-egg-carton-chicks (4)

Glue the two cups together and paint the cups yellow on the outside.

easter-egg-carton-chicks (5)

Cut a diamond shape from the felt, fold in half and glue along the fold onto the centre of the chick. Cut two wing shapes from the felt and glue it. For the legs, use yellow felt.

easter-egg-carton-chicks (1)

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