Ear cuff tutorial

Ear cuff is a great way to decorate ears which have not been pierced. That’s why ear cuffs are so popular today.


Jewelry wire d=0,3 and 0,8 mm

Round nose pliers

Wire Cutters

Nail file or sandpaper


ear cuff tutorial (3)

Cut two pieces of wire d=0,8 mm at 5,8-6 cm. Mark the center with a pencil.

ear cuff tutorial (8)

Bend each piece of wire to make them identical.

ear cuff tutorial (4)

Polish wire edges and combine two pieces.

ear cuff tutorial (5)

Using wire d=0,3 mm, coil a small section, then start weaving down the wires.

ear cuff tutorial (6)

Continue weaving and cut ends when finished.

ear cuff tutorial (7)

ear cuff tutorial (1)

Bend parts backwards around round pliers or a pencil.

ear cuff tutorial (9)

So now you’ve created the awesome piece of jewelry.

ear cuff tutorial

Made by Natalya Tarasyuk.

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