DIY Zipper Dragonfly

What about a cute dragonfly accessory? Watch this tutorial and learn how to make a beautiful dragonfly out of zipper and felt.

You will need:

Hot glue gun
Half beads or rhinestones

Start by preparing the zipper. Cut zipper into 6 stripes: 2.76″ for the head (1 strip), 1.97″ for the tail (1 strip), 3.5″ for the big wings (2 stripes), 2.75″ for the small wings (2 stripes).

Create the head and glue it to the tail. Bend and glue wings to the tail. Cut and glue felt to the wings. Use rhinestones or half beads and decorate dragonfly.

If you glue brooch pin back you can create the cute brooch.

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  1. MarthaJean says:

    This zipper tab is a wonderful idea! It is cute as a bug & looks alot better than the zipper tab showing. You are very creative. thanks, mjl

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