DIY Yarn Feather

Make your own unique collection of beautiful feathers using yarn and wire.


Piece of cardboard



Sewing machine

Hot glue gun


Round pliers

Draw a line in the middle of the cardboard and make two small incisions on either side of the cardboard.

Wrap the yarn around cardboard.

Using a sewing machine, sew a seam.

Cut the yarn on the sides.

Remove the cardboard.

Cut wire 10″ in length. Cut 4-5 small pieces of yarn and tie them onto the wire.

Move the yarn to the end of the wire and bend the wire into a loop.

Wrap yarn around wire.

Glue the yarn-wrapped wire in the middle, covering the seam.

Cover the seam on the back side with long yarn.

Use scissors to trim feathers to the shape you desire.

Thanks for reading! Now go make your own feather creations!

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