DIY Yarn Angel

Decorating Christmas tree is really interesting

You can use many different materials for decoration, with it help you can create beautiful Christmas ornaments, for example, pine cones, coffee or ice sticks, corks, sequins, cotton pads, ribbon tapes, etc.


We propose to make an unusual decoration out of yarn.


Thin white yarn

Piece of wood



Angel template


School glue or glue PVA

Paint brush


Silver glitter


Download and print angel template. Cut and place paper angel on the wood and transfer the image.


Insert your nails into the wood, following the outline of angel template.


Put foil on the top in a way that yarn does not stuck to the surface.


At the top next to the angel head insert one nail and tied yarn to it.


Then tie yarn to one of the nails that outlines the head and follow the nails to make a string outline around the angel.


Create more yarn layers. Knot the yarn onto the top nail to finish the angel.


Press the yarn to the surface.


Apply much glue to the entire surface of the angel and leave to dry.


Carefully remove all nails.


Oops…nails were too dirty. Don’t worry, we will correct everything. A little of white acrylic paint and now it is all right.


Apply glue again and sprinkle the angel with glitter.


Another cute Christmas angel for your tree!


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