DIY Tiny Fishing Rod

How to make a tiny fishing rod for your amigurumi toys. 

You will need:
bamboo cocktail stick
two buttons 0.47″ (12 mm)
one button 0.23″ (6 mm)
acrylic paint or nail polish
white and brown sewing threads
hot glue gun
thin needle
three jump rings 0.15″ (4 mm)
one jump ring 0.19″ or 0.23″ for fishing hook (5-6 mm)
one small bead
glue stick

Use cutters to cut off the sharp tip of the bamboo cocktail stick. Paint 1/3 part of stick with green acrylic paint or nail polish. Wrap the brown thread around stick. Glue together the two buttons 0.47″and button 0.23″ and wind the white thread on to “fishing bobbin”.

Use hot glue gun and glue fishing bobbin to the cocktail stick. Put a jump rings 0.15″ on cocktail stick and pull white thread through three rings. Glue the last ring. Make fishing hook out of jump ring 0.19″.

Attach one small bead and fishing hook to the thread and tie a knot.

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