DIY Shamrock Brooch

A super easy way to brighten up your outfit to St Patrick’s Day

Make the Shamrock brooch to add something green on St Paddy’s Day.


Template Shamrock

Green felt

Seed beads Preciosa




Brooch pin back

Print template shamrock to get started. Cut two pieces out of felt.

At first, embroider the outlines with seed beads of dark green color Preciosa 57060 .

Embroider second row with seed beads Preciosa 57100.

Third row with seed beads Preciosa 57430.

Fourth row with seed beads Preciosa 78161.

And embroider the seed beads Preciosa 78154 to the centre of shamrock. Sew a brooch pin back to second piece of shamrock.

Sew them together.

Have a great St. Paddy’s day!

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