DIY money tree

How to make a money tree of coins. 


photo frame without glass

a piece of burlap

hot glue gun

wax paper or transparent film

a lot of coins

acrylic paints of brown, black, silver and gold colors

paint brush


paper sheet


diy money tree (2)

Take a sheet of paper and pencil and draw a tree.

diy money tree (3)

Take a piece of wax paper or transparent film and place it over the drawing. Using hot glue, draw the tree trunk onto the wax paper. Make sure to make your glue lines thick.

diy money tree (4)

When the glue dries, cut the trunk tree. Glue a piece of burlap to the frame and glue trunk on the burlap.

diy money tree (5)

Paint the tree with a brown paint.

diy money tree (8)

Take gold paint and put a small amount on your brush. First pass rub that brush on something else to remove the excess and paint onto the tree. This is called dry-brushing.

diy money tree (7) diy money tree (6)

Paint coins in the same way and glue them, creating a crown of the tree.

diy money tree (9)diy money tree (1)diy money tree (10)

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