DIY Lilac Ring

See how to make ring out of polymer clay with this free instructions. 


Polymer clay


Ring blank



Super glue

DIY Lilac Ring (5)

Knead the clay in your hand until it softens. Then turn over your ring and press into the clay. Roll sausage, cut into 9 pieces and create the petals.

DIY Lilac Ring (9)

Using the needle, attach the petals.

DIY Lilac Ring (3)

Make 10 colorful flowers and a few buds.

DIY Lilac Ring (4)DIY Lilac Ring (7)

Glue flowers.

DIY Lilac Ring (8)DIY Lilac Ring (2)

Make and glue yellow middles for flowers. Leave to dry.

DIY Lilac Ring (6)DIY Lilac Ring (1)

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  1. DIY says:

    Dry it in the oven with the ring frame, just note that temperature there should not be high or use air dry polymer clay.

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