DIY Felt Earrings Pumpkin

If you are the one who loves simple DIY jewelry, you can learn how to make felt earrings.

These pumpkin earrings add a pop of color just in time for Halloween. They are made of felt making them light and comfortable to wear.


Orange and black felt

Green and dark orange yarn


Hot glue gun

Furniture for earrings (earring hooks and four jump rings)

Polyester fiberfill


Cut the felt onto 6 pieces: 2 orange circle 2.5 cm, 2 black circle 2.5 cm, 2 black circle 1.2 cm.

Using a full strand of thread create a running stitch around the outside of the circle. Pull gently to form a cup shape from your felt. Fill with stuffing and knot.

Using cross stitch thread doubled over sew through the stuffed shape  and pull to divide into sections.

Cut cone shapes out of black 2.5 cm circles.

To create the witch’s hat, glue ends of the cone cut-out together with hot glue. Glue cones to the small black circles.

Glue pumpkins to the hats.

Attach the earring hooks and jump rings to the witch’s hats.

Decorate hats with green yarn.

These earrings are so cute and make great gifts! Happy Halloween!

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