DIY Cold Porcelain Ladybug Buttons

If you make your own clothing or knitwear, then why not make some artistic buttons to match your creations?

You can make your own buttons inexpensively and easily with cold porcelain!



Cornstarch 2 cup

PVA (wood) glue 1½ cup

Parchment paper

Rolling pin

Matches or toothpicks

Acrylic paints

Cutting tools ( we used gluestick cap)

Varnish gloss

Cover your work surface with parchment paper before you start. Mix together cornstarch and PVA glue and thoroughly knead the mix. Using a rolling pin, flatten the cold porcelain.


Cut out your buttons just like you’re making cookies.


Using a toothpick or polymer clay tool, mark the outline of the head.


Add button holes using matches.


Do not remove the matches until the cold porcelain dry.


In 24 hours remove the matches.


Paint buttons with black and red colors.


Draw the eyes and apply the varnish gloss. You can use these fun Ladybug buttons as you like.


For example, for the kid hat.

Or for the pillow.


Anyway you will find how to use better these ladybugs.

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