Decoupage Wine Bottle

Recycle your wine bottle and make beautiful decoupaged wine bottle to decorate your home.


Wine bottle

White acrylic paint


Napkin for decoupage

Crackling Lacquer step1+step2

Dark alkyd varnish

School glue


Wash the wine bottle. Remove the label and the sticky substance beneath it as much as possible.

Decoupage Wine Bottle (4)

Once completely dry, paint the bottle with white acrylic paint and sponge. Let completely dry.

Decoupage Wine Bottle

Start by unfolding a napkin, laying it printed side down, and peeling away all the white layers behind it. Glue napkin to the botlle.

Decoupage Wine Bottle (5)

Apply crackling lacquer step1+step2. Apply Step1 on primed surface. Step 1 will stay very sticky after it dries. When Step 1  lacquer  becomes dry and transparent, (after 30 min) apply Step2.  After 2-4 hours surface will dry and cracks appear. Evidence cracks with pigment (porporina).

Decoupage Wine Bottle (2)

Decoupage Wine Bottle (6)

Finish craftwork with dark alkyd varnish.

Decoupage Wine Bottle (1)

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