Crochet Tutorial Watermelon Newborn Baby Socks

Tiny crochet baby socks look so cute on little girls and boys and allow you to get really creative with them.

Watch the video and follow step by step tutorial to learn how to make these crocheted watermelon socks for your newborn baby from start to finish.

You will need:

Hook size C
Cotton yarn of green, white and red colors
Black cotton yarn for embroidery

Size 3.5-3.9″ (age 0-3 month)

Green yarn

1 row. Chain 9, sc in 2nd chain from hook, 7 sc (in total 8 sc) turn
2-24 row. 8 sc for the back loop only (8 sc in each row)

Fold and crochet 8 sl st.

Join the white yarn and work around green crochet ribbing
1-2 rows. [dc] around (24 dc in each row)

Red yarn

3-4 rows. [dc] around (24 dc in each row)
Don’t cut the yarn and start crochet the heel
5 row. [sc] around (in total 12 sc) turn
6-8 row. [sc] around (12 sc in each rows) turn
9 row. [4 sc, dec, dec, 4 sc] (in total 10 sc) Fold in half and crochet 5 sl st

Join the red yarn and work around.
10-15 rows. [dc] around (24 dc in each row)
16 row. [dec]*12 times (in total 12 dc)
17 row. [dec]*6 times (in total 6 dc)

Sew the hole and embroider the black watermelon seeds.

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