Crochet Tutorial Raccoon

Make your own adorable raccoon with this crochet tutorial to keep anywhere around the house.

crochet raccoon

Give this cute crochet toy to your kids as little stuffed animal to play with or make a whole barrel of raccoons!

raccoon free pattern

Amigurumi crochet is always fun, so raccoon around a little bit and have a good time making this funny crochet animal.

Make a day out of it with your kids to get them involved so they can enjoy the process and the final product.

raccoon amigurumi

You will need:
Hook 5.0
Plush ( yarn (100g/131yards) of grey, black and white color
Scraps of thin white yarn for ears
Safety plastic eyes 0.3″
Safety plastic nose 0.8″
The size of finished toy is 6.7 inches
Inc – increase, dec – decrease, sc – single crochet, ch – chain

how to crochet raccoon

Soft and cuddly, this design will appeal to anyone who loves holding a stuffed toy.

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