Crochet Tutorial Amigurumi Snail

Watch and learn how to crochet a cute tiny amigurumi snail. 

You will need:

Cotton yarn
Hook 2.5 mm
Wire 0.039*2.56″
Two white beads 0.24”
Black acrylic outliner
Hot glue gun
Shell of a snail
Piece of felt

Size of snail 5 cm/1.9″

1. Crochet magic ring, 6 sc (in total 6 sc)
2. [sc, inc]*3 times (in total 9 sc)
3. [2 sc, inc]*3 times (in total 12 sc) Cut wire, insert and glue it between 2 and 3 rows.
4-9. [sc] around (12 sc in each row)
10. [4 sc, dec]*2 times (in total 10 sc)
11. [3 sc, dec]*2 times (in total 8 sc)
12. [2 sc, dec]*2 times (in total 6 sc)
13. [sc, dec]*2 times (in total 4 sc)

Bend the edges of wire and glue beads. Fill up the shell with hot glue (Warning! It’s very hot!) and glue the piece of felt.

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