Crochet Tutorial Amigurumi Bat

Not spooky and not scary but very cute and cuddly, this is crochet pattern of amigurumi bat for everyone, who is preparing for Halloween. 

You will need:

Hook 3.0
Acrylic yarn
2 half beads or safety eyes
Black felt
Hook-and-loop tape

Inc – increase, dec – decrease, sc – single crochet, ch – chain stitch

size – 2.1 in

Legs (make 2)

1 row. Crochet magic ring, 4 sc (in total 4 sc)
2 row. [sc, inc]*2 times (in total 6 sc)
3 row. [2 sc, inc]*2 times (in total 8 sc)

Crochet second leg, don’t cut the yarn, crochet 1 ch, join to the first leg and start crochet the body.

4 row. [sc] around (in total 18 sc)
5 row. [2 sc, inc]*6 times (in total 24 sc)
6-10 rows. [sc] around (24 sc in each row)
11 row. [6 sc, dec]*3 times (in total 21 sc)
12 row. [5 sc, dec]*3 times (in total 18 sc)
13 row. [4 sc, dec]*3 times (in total 15 sc)

Attach the safety eyes between 11 and 12 rows. Fold and sew the hole. Cut wings out of black felt and glue it to the back side.

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