Crochet Fish

This pattern is very easy and teach a beginner how to crochet a fish.

Many of us are obsessed with the oceans and the sea creatures! There are also many of us who love the beachy decors and want to bring that special nautical or ocean theme to your home!

So, if you are also a big fan of the sea creatures and want to incorporate the ocean them to your home, then you can also do so by making smart use of your crochet hook! Moreover, you can also crochet some bright sea create amigurumi that can be used in both ways to give as a gift and also to hang as lovely decor in your home!


Yarn of any colors

Hook crochet 3.00 mm

Darning needle

Polyester fiberfill

Two black beads for eyes

All sides of each motif made up of single crochet, on the corners of double crochet.

Using this pattern, crochet a two square motifs.

Stuff and sew them together.

Join yarn in any corner and crochet a fishtail and fins.


1. increase every stitch of corner (10) turn
2. increase every stitch (20) turn
3. increase every stitch (30)

Big fish fin

1. increase every stitch of corner (10) turn
2. increase every stitch (20)

Small fish fin

1. increase every stitch under fishtail (6) turn
2. increase every stitch (12)

Sew the eyes and decorate the fish.

Glug glug glug!

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