Amigurumi Umbrella

How to crochet a mini umbrella.


Cotton yarn

Crochet hook 2.0 mm

Seed beads

Hot glue gun



Long bamboo cocktail stick

Using this pattern, crochet a round motif.

Size of this motif is 3.5″, approximately 1 inch in diameter.



Cut the toothpicks into 0.5-inch pieces.

Place and glue long stick into the centre of motif. Glue the seed bead on the top of the umbrella.

Connect the sharp tip of toothpick to the any stitch of motif and glue the blunt tip to the central stick.

Glue only six toothpicks.

Decorate sharp tips of toothpicks with seed beads.

This little accessory would be great with so many amigurumi creations, but this lace umbrella made is especially for Mother Goose.

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